i'm open to doing music commissions, however my personal life will always be my priority so i might not be available to be commissioned - email me to ask!

you can request a quote* by contacting me below.

this will include:

- composing and song creation by me.

- mixing and mastering by me.

- rights to use the music commercially in ads**

i charge per second of a track, dependent on genre and the contract we agree on**. the timeframe will depend on everything from my life schedule to what you want. you need to send me every single detail you want before a quote. don't hesitate to send a massive essay! the more the merrier.

*after agreeing on a quote, you are subject to agree on a mutually agreed contract between you, and myself, to move forward.

**costs will defer based on the terms of the contract.

i have full rights to terminate a contract without notice, for any reason.